Quicktools by Picsart-How to Convert PNG to JPG, SVG, PDF?

Quicktools of Picsart are very popular online converter tool, also famous as Quicktools by Picsart and anybody can find it easily. With the complete range of converter tools like PDF to Word, WEBM to MP4, PNG to JPG converter, PDF converter, SVG, etc.  This online audio, image, MP3, and PDF converter tool is free for users.

Quick tools by Picsart

What is Quicktools by Picsart?

Additionally, Quicktools by Picsart has AI generative tools such as email writing, prompts, scripts, and articles. Moreover, it includes other famous tools which are user commonly image sharpener tools and online profile picture tools making it the best online converter tool.

In this article, we will discuss all the features of Picsart Quicktools. In addition, you will know the easy and quick way to convert PNG images to JPG format and vice versa. Converting PNG images to JPG makes them incredible for social media or blog posts because JPG file size is smaller than PNG.

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Here is a complete list of image converter tools by Quicktools by Picsart.


PDF to Word




MOV to MP4


Word to PDF

Excel to PDF

WebM to MP4


MKV to MP4


MP$ to MP3



Click here to get all these Picsart Quicktools for free

Image Converter Tools-by Quicktools by Picsart
AI Writer by Quicktools by Picsart

Click here to obtain AI Writer Tools by Quicktools by Picsart

  • Font Generator
  • Word Counter
  • Emoji Generator
  • Add Text to Photo Tool
  • Symbols
Text Related Tools by Quicktools by Picsart

Sharpen Image

Profile Picture Maker

Color Palette

Calendar Maker

Free Online Ad Maker

Add Text to Photo

What is the PNG Format?

PNG (Portable Network Graphics) is a famous image format known for its lossless compression and support for transparent backgrounds. This tool performs best for graphics with sharp edges, logos, and images that require maintaining excellent quality. Commonly, most images with transparent backgrounds are saved in PNG format.

What is the JPG Format?

JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group), a popular image format, is known for its ability to compress files while maintaining good visual quality. This tool is used widely for images on the web, social media, and in different applications due to its flexibility and compatibility with various devices.

How to Convert PNG to JPG by Online PNG Converter?

Quicktools of Picsart Mod APK is the ideal tool for those users who often use it to convert PNG to JPG or JPG to PNG. This free online image converter format lets users access other conversion and AI design tools without paying money.

Create High-Quality Web Graphics

PNG is the best format for high-quality web designs because of its quality work, which provides sharpness and image quality better than JPG. Additionally, the transparency of PNG makes it perfect for low-quality images, logos, and website components. Moreover, it provides visual clarity and amazing transparent backgrounds. There is another amazing Picsart Collage Maker Tool to download.

How to Create TransparentImages?

Additionally, in PNG format, transparent images have crystal-clear backgrounds that convert logos and icons gorgeously. The usage of PNG images shows professionalism for high-quality results.

PNG or JPG? Which One has Better Quality?

PNG and JPG both have some advantages for using the image format. JPG is the first choice of professional photographers who prefer to use it because of its versatility and compress images effectively. On the other hand, PNG is a famous tool for its transparent qualities, qualitative work, and high-quality graphics.

Here is a complete and organized comparison of PNG VS JPG in a tabular format.

File SizeLarger file sizeSmaller file size
Supports transparency
Does not support transparency
Color DepthSupports 24-bit and 32-bit colorSupports 24-bit color
Suitable ForImages with sharp edgesPhotographs, natural scenes
Use CasesWeb graphics, logos, iconsPhotographs, detailed images
Image QualityLossless compressionPhotographs, natural scenes

Final Words

Quicktools by Picsart is a high-quality free online image converter that converts PNG to JPG and JPG to PNG efficiently. You can obtain a wide range of conversion options which are described in this article briefly. This tool has become sharper and perfect because of the addition of Artificial intelligence.
We will be happy to know your opinion on which format is perfect, PNG or JPG, and also we will want to feel your experience with Quicktools by Picsart in the comments.

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