PicsArt Mod APK Tutorials for Beginners

For users who want to learn the editing skills of photos and videos, PicsArt Mod APK Tutorial for Beginners is the best way to learn the art of editing easily. This app offers basic and advanced features, such as removing backgrounds replacing colors, adding effects, adding text to images, blurring backgrounds, etc.

In the past, the ability to edit photos and videos was very limited because advanced apps were not available. But now, times have changed, and editing has become interesting and easy with the PicsArt Mod APK. Here, we describe some important photo editing tutorials to make the editing process very simple.

PicsArt Mod APK for Beginners

You can shoot photos with your friends, but if you want to present your photo with a different background, then the background removal tool is appropriate. This tool helps you remove the background of an existing image, and you can add another available background to make your image attractive.

PicsArt Mod APK 2024 offers a bunch of AI-powered retouching tools to enhance photos and videos easily. With this, it is quite easy to make changes in your portraits, like removing red eyes, whitening teeth, and adjusting eye bags. It is good to restore your old family pictures, and you can add makeup to your images with it.

  • In this feature of PicsArt, you have to add your photo from your phone gallery by clicking the + icon in the center of the app.
  • After selecting a photo, you will see an editing interface with a wide range of editing tools, such as Beautify, Stickers, Text, Crop, etc.
  • You can apply all these features according to your needs.
  • When the editing is completed, save the edited photo in your phone gallery.
  • Now you can share your edited images on social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, and X.

The process is the same as photo editing. You must select a photo from the gallery, tap the + icon for the collage, and follow the instructions.

Go to the menu and select the collage option. You will select the appropriate template from various collage templates. After that, you will find the Collage Maker interface.

You can easily put your new photo in a slot using your device’s camera or select photos from your phone gallery.

Now you can drag the corner and center of the photo within the slot to resize it.

Just click on “Layout” to customize the collage. In this way, you can adjust the spacing between slots, add or remove slots, or change the size of the slots.

Now, it is time to use effects and filters for a single photo with the collage. You have to click on the individual photo and then click on the effects option. This option will provide you with a wide range of effects and filters.

With this tool, you can add text to the collage photo.

Moreover, you can adjust backgrounds by tapping on the background option. This feature enables you to select a pattern, amazing colors, etc. You can share your collage images on social media as well.

You have to add your photo from your phone gallery by clicking the + icon in the middle of the application.

Locate the tool from the bottom menu and find the Blur option.

After tapping the blur option, you will see two more options: motion blur and lens blur.

Start blurring your selected photos as much as you need.

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