PicsArt Mod APK and Adobe Lightroom Mod APK Comparison

In photo and video editing, PicsArt Mod APK and Adobe Lightroom Mod APK are famous and widely used apps because of their distinguishing features. Here, we will discuss in detail both of these app’s functions and features so that users can choose the best app for editing. After that, you will acknowledge that the PicsArt APK is the best choice for editing because of its stunning tools and features.

picsart vs lightroom

The basic and advanced features, user-friendly interface, text overlays, drawing tools, content, and stickers are the hallmarks of PicsArt Mod APK. All these elements of this app artistically fulfill the needs of users. If you are an immature or mature photographer, PicsArt gives you a chance to create the colorful world of editing.

If we look deeply at Adobe Lightroom APK, it offers users powerful photo and video editing features, unique presets, cloud storage, camera filters, color adjustment, etc. Similar to Canva Mod APK, the remarkable app of Lightroom provides non-destructive photo editing that helps users come back to the original photo during editing. Moreover, this app helps users export photos in high-quality RAW and HDR formats.

picsart apk vs lightroom apk

Photo Editor

PicsArt Mod APK enables you to edit your old photos with the tools in a great style. With the help of this app, you can crop, stretch, and professionally clone your old photos. Moreover, you can use frames, borders, filters, backgrounds, and many more to reshape your photos and videos.

Video Editor Tool

The ultimate app of PicsArt APK Gold enables users to edit their videos according to their wishes in a significant way; further, they can also share edited videos on social media. Along with this, you can use unique filters and stickers to change the background of your images, giving them a magnificent glance. This app offers tools like trimming, text, music addition, clips, etc.

Unique Filters and effects

PicsArt provides unique effects and energetic filters to make the image colorful. Further, these filters improve the photos and videos with updated editing skills. Even if you don’t know about advanced editing skills, there is no problem because these effects and filters make your editing work effortless.

Accessibility and Pricing

By using PicsArt APK, you can get a freemium package that provides a free and paid version to its users. The Mod version is very rich with its premium tools, while the free model has fewer features and does not attract users for editing.

User-friendly Interface

PicsArt Mod APK provides a very instinctive, smooth, and vitally user-friendly interface. On this interface, after logging in, you will see a menu bar on the right side where you can navigate effortlessly to get the features that you need.

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Adobe Lightroom APK allows you to edit and reshape photos to look awesome. You can give various exposures to your images with the help of this tool. This extraordinary tool helps users to revert their original photos whenever they want during editing. 

This application is very effective in stylishly making reels and videos. The advanced tools of Lightroom APK, like retouching, cropping, editing, trimming, adjusting brightness, sharpness, and many others, help users with creative video making. Further, it is easy to edit replays and share edited videos on social media platforms.

Adobe Lightroom APK has a wide range of filters for creative photo editing. You can adjust colors, textures, tones, and effects to reshape your photos. Additionally, this app enables you to use various presets, and you can save those settings to apply to other images to get good results.

A subscription is required for the Adobe Lightroom to Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan for both Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. The free model offers a limited range of tools for professional activity, while the paid model offers a comprehensive bundle of tools for paid customers.

Adobe Lightroom APK offers a well-organized, simple, and clean workspace where users can keep their concentration on editing and designing photos. The approach of this app is streamlined and advanced.

You can also download Picsart Mod APK VS Snapseed Mod APK.

Pros and Cons of PicsArt


This app has a user-friendly interface.

It offers social network sharing.

PicsArt provides a wide range of stickers and clipart.

Users can get new and fresh tools because this app updates regularly.

It offers technical support on different issues to its users.

This application is available for Android and iOS.


Some professionals think that this app is not suitable for them.

The basic version is not ad-free.

Users need a subscription for some features.

There are many editing applications available that provide free or lower prices, while PisArt is costly.

Pros and Cons of Adobe Lightroom


The photo editing software of Lightroom offers updated photo and video editing tools fit for professionals.

This RAW image processing supports RAW files, offering the best command and control over image editing.

Presets of Lightroom APK help edit and keep the style consistent.

Users can get new and fresh tools because this app updates regularly.

The Non-destructive editing enables technical support on different issues to its users.

the digital asset management tools for targeted color correction and spot adjustments


For beginners, the advanced functions can create difficulties to control on this app.

The users should have a powerful system because this app can occupy the system’s resources.

Primarily, this app focuses on photo editing instead of offering comprehensive drawing capabilities. more on photo editing, lacking extensive drawing features

You might need a subscription to unlock all the features.

Picsart serves as a comprehensive platform allowing users to produce, personalize, and distribute both images and videos.

Lightroom imposes a strict limit of 65,000 pixels on either the width or height of an image. If your image exceeds this limit in either dimension, you will encounter difficulty importing it into Lightroom.

Picsart has over 150 million monthly active users and 80% of them are under the age of 35.

Lightroom is ideal for quick photo edits to match your vision, while Photoshop is better suited for more complex transformations and detailed retouching.

Picsart’s AI photo editor handles everything from tweaking existing visuals to creating new ones. Say goodbye to learning curves and effortlessly transform your images with AI editing.

New customers can download a seven-day free trial of Lightroom. The free trial is the official, full version of the app.

Here, we have described the comparison between PicsArt Mod APK and Adobe Lightroom Mod APK to make it easy for you to choose the right one for editing. In light of this discussion, if you think that numerous editing options and a vital social community with its user-friendly interface are suitable for you, then you should go with PicsArt APK.

Instead, if you think like a professional and are capable of overcoming high-level skills, then Adobe Lightroom APK is suitable for your professional work. Once more, I would like to say that, as a newbie or someone highly qualified in editing, PicsArt Mod APK is a good fit for you.

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