Step-by-Step Guide to Add Various Blurring Effects to Photos in Picsart

Picsart is a great photo-blurring APK that helps users add various blurring effects to photos and this Image blur enhancement modifies the silent pictures into speaking pictures. The Blurred image creator, Picsart Mod APK offers a unique editing feature of Blur Face that enables you to blur the face of an image to make it more appealing.

It doesn’t matter if you are highlighting specific shades or blurring the people in the background, this picture-defocusing app allows you to get blurry effects easily. Here, we will mention step-by-step different ways to obtain blurring effects like how to blur specific parts of a picture or an entire picture, how to add blurring effects in an image, and how to blur the background.

Blurring Effects of Picsart

To elevate your images with various effects, it is important to know the usage of blurring. Here, we are going to describe the trendsetting blur effects to show creativity in blurring to make your pictures amazing. People also like to Download PicsArt Mod APK Latest to edit.

You can create a portion of focus on a picture with a radial blur effect to blur out the rest of your photo. This incredible feature provides an easy way to make a shallow depth of field, drawing attention to the main subject of your image. In addition, you can fine-tune the blur to obtain either a fit or bold effect based on your creative preferences.

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Motion blur is the best solution if you are looking to convey motion in your pictures. By adding motion blur to your image, you will make the moment by incorporating the streaking of objects due to rapid motion or extended exposure times.

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The word “Bokeh” comes from the Japanese word boke which stands for haze or blur. This blur effect includes creating a blurry background by using a fast lens and the maximum aperture. With this blurry tool, you can create experimental blurs like circular-shaped blurs and heart blurs. PicsArt offers Quicktools to enjoy editing.

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The tilt-shift blur effect creates the objects in your photo the same as scale models. The name comes from a special camera lens, but users can also create a tilt-shift blur using editing tools like Picsart. You can learn about the Collage Maker Tool from here.

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  • You can perform well to add blurred faces in photos after following these simple steps.
  • Import the Image from the Picsart Application
  • On your device, launch the Picsart Application
  • Now press the + icon at the bottom of your device’s screen if you are using a mobile phone and start a new project.
  • Now choose the photo from the phone gallery you want to use and import it into Picsart to implement the blurred face effect
  • Now tap on the image after importing it to access the Picsart editing interface.
  • Now start to add the face blur effect to your image by clicking on the “Effect” icon.
  • Browse through the various effect choices and choose the ‘Blur’ option.
  • Now select the particular blur effect option from the list, such as Motion Blur, Radial Blur, Bokeh Blur, or another option available.
  • Go to the “adjust intensity setting” of the selected blur effect for your picture.
  • Next, select the facial area of your picture and apply the face blur effect using  Picsart.
  • Press the Tool Icon and choose from the available tools (such as AI Select, Rectangle, Lasso, Oval, etc.) to select and mask the facial section of the photo.
  • Click on the effects after selecting the face.
  • Similarly, choose the particular ‘face blur effect’ that you want to apply.
  • Now you can control and adjust the intensity of the face blur according to your desire.
  • After that, click OK.
  • Just utilize additional slider adjustments such as hue, brightness, saturation, and contrast to improve the face blur effect in your image.
  • Enjoy the wide range of Picsart filters and effects to enhance and refine your image further.

Yes, you can quickly create professional-looking photos by blurring the background with Picsart’s Blur tool, regardless of your photography experience.

You need to upload your photo using the “+” button, then go to “Effect” in the toolbar in Picsart, and choose “Blur” from the menu. Try different filters and adjust the blur intensity by tapping and holding on the filter you select.

Choose the photo you want to blur the background of in PicsArt. After opening the image, go to “Effects”. Press on the first blur option and adjust the blur value to your preference.

A slow shutter speed allows more light into the camera sensor by keeping the shutter open longer. This can capture motion blur along with other visual details.

With Picsart’s new background removal tool, you can easily remove backgrounds from any photo, even without prior editing experience.

To become proficient in the blur face feature in Picsart opens up a world of creative possibilities, enabling you to craft appealing and mysterious photos while improving privacy on social media. Keep exploring Picsart’s editing tools and effects to elevate your photos creatively. So, continue to explore Picsart’s editing tools and effects to improve your photos artistically.

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